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Why travel?

This is an important question for this blog and for me personally. To be honest, I still wonder what was wrong with my everyday job and opportunity to travel 4-5 times a year! Of course, that was simultaneous travel — but that was comfortable and safe. So, why?

I can’t say I am adventurous person — on the contrary, I prefer being sure and having clear perspective. My first trial visit to Goa was about one week, and after that I got a sudden chance to have 3 months sabbatical — I spent this time in India and Nepal. After this trip, I should say, there was no way back to me. I tried to bring new perspective in my ordinary life after the return, but failed. Because the life I left didn’t change as much as I did.
The travel is a training of curiosity, I read once. This is very true: in the trip you learn to ask questions. Will this laundry wash my clothes in Ganges? Who are the sons of God Shiva? How the buildings are numbered in this city? All these can be vital in some circumstances, so you finish a long trip with over-trained curiosity, which makes your brain suffer when there is not much questions around. Or you still asking, but there is no time to find an answer. The worse, when you are all alone who is wondering.
The second marvelous thing in the travel is that only you determine, how your day will pass. In short trips you have a tough schedule to see all the sightseens, to make perfect Instagram posts, and to have some relax. While travelling for a month and more, you have more freedom to plan as you like, and you can occasionally see what are your real interests. Will I really draw a lot as I wish? Do I really struggle so much with sport? Do I really like to read or this is just escape from reality? Further, only you are responsible for your plans to come true — when you understand it, you feel much more responsible for your life. No time-management training will train you this skill so fast as travel!
The last great thing in travel is a perspective. For this, I went to Annapurna Base Camp in Nepal (9 days in trek with my friend to 4300 meters above the sea). Sometimes you need to be really distant from your usual life, in terms of territory and surroundings, to see the clear picture. Your job brings you no satisfaction and never will again. This man is actually not your friend. Your parents tell you they need you, but in fact they are very proud to live in their own. All the facts of your life need the time of reflexion to become your experience. More mindful people would say there is enough time between the day-to-day activities, but I am maybe too distractive.
In the end, different experience gives you a kind of 3D picture of life — and you can search for your own place on this picture as long as you enjoy the way of searching ☺️
This is a picture from my new — happy and harmonized — life. Enjoy your way!
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