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Review of Candidasa: Blue lagoon beach and White sand beach

We continue to explore Bali beaches: this post is about Blue Lagoon beach and White Sand beach, both located in eastern Bali region – Candidasa. We couldn’t escape visiting these two beaches not only because they are on our way to lovely Amed, but also because there are many excited feedbacks about both Blue Lagoon and White Sand. It seemed for us that White Sand beach has extreme high “heartily heaven” potential for a good beach relaxation! And Blue Lagoon is mostly famous for its snorkeling. Ok, the last is a good reason to stop by Candidasa and try!


A colorful way to Candidasa region 

It was a usually beautiful day, when we packed our stuff for a day (mostly snorkeling masks – one usual and one Tribord Easybreath). The way to Candidasa is beautiful: greenery, hills with temples, distant mountains… The previous times we just flew over them, but this time we had a kind of strange luck – our friend got a problem with a bike wheel and we were staring at all the beauty 20 min while a local wheel-fairy was working to put a (заплатка). By the way, the local bike workshop are really good – they returned a flat wheel to life back and asked only 20 000 rupees (1,5 USD) for that. Great!

Bali is quite flat island in the center, but just 30 of driving north – and you see beautiful green hills! And, after them, mountains!

Candidasa is one of my wish-listed places to live in Bali: lack of tourists yet enough facilities, nature is blooming, and people live their traditional life. This time, we got there in a middle of a local festival, called Ubava (this pretty lady told me so).

What I like especially in the local people – they are always welcoming your questions about their traditions! 

Festive penjors- bamboo sticks with the very defined ornaments.

Presents for the gods…


…Right on the road! Main road to all eastern Bali! Whoa!

The ornaments were so many! The local sellers even took a half of a tiny road (full of transport going to the east and to the important port – Padang Bay). Ok, for the festival we can wait another 20 min in a traffic jam. Besides, I always adore people who put the sacred events before daily routines!

Overlook to Blue lagoon beach from the hill

Lots of steps – and here we are! 

Finally, we are on place: a junction to Padang Bay and to the left from the port and the beach, up to the hill, and here we are. The beach of Padang Bay is also clean and pretty, but full of fishing boats. I guess the coral fishes don’t like them just as me! And the Blue Lagoon beach is so pretty: small, hidden, quiet and full of underwater life. The water is relatively warm and clear, and the stones and corals near the beach give a shelter to dozens of fishes of all kinds and sizes! Deeper in the sea, we found more huge fishes of the same kinds – Angels, parrots, and trigger fishes.
Just be careful during the low tide: the waves become very strong and the water become really low, so it’s impossible to both swim and walk by the stones near the beach. I used a small path between corals on the left side, but spend 15 min challenged by the current. Oh!
The underwater sight: a wave
During the low tide it’s hard to swim, but easy to walk on the water! Actually, on the stones, of course 🙂
So, the White Sand Beach is our second point: and, of course, we arrived at a low tide! That was our first mistake – in Bali you really need to trace low tide time to be ready to get out of water. On the way, we were required to pay twice: first, to get to the beach (to get to the beach, holy cow! In Bali!), and second – for a parking which revealed to be in one kilometer from the beach – and from a normal free parking! And it was our second mistake – always check before paying in Asia. Grr! And, finally, the sand on this beach is not white. On the contrary, it is black. Black, Carl!

A free-of-charge parking place near the beach – and a kilometer from our parked bike!

Black sand is also nice! But why on earth this beach is called White Sand?! 

Mandalas look really nice here 🙂
I tried this water and got a huge wave in my face. Nothing special! I just wander, why, no matter what is your hairdressing, after a wave all your hair are on your face? Getting more and more upset, I buried into black volcanic sand of White Sand Beach, and took a sleep. Meanwhile, our friend overcame all the challenges for a snorkeling session. Not much fishes, beautiful corals, but too far away for photos: too deep into the water.
Musician near one of warungs. 
Overall, this beach’s life was as everywhere else: beach warungs and their coushettes, some massage girls, some fishing boats… And the sunset behind us – to the forest of Candidasa. Not a sunset place, clearly!

You can’t see real sunset in the eastern beaches, but you can see it in the eastern mountains! On the way to Amed! 

Then we found ourselves “undersnorkeling”! And, considering the fact we were in the middle between our Kuta home and Amed, we went to Amed – equipped for a day, but who will be stopped by that? 🙂

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