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Cost of long-stayer visas – India, Thailand, Indonesia

…And the last, but not the least to consider for long travel budget – a visa for the country you get to. All this information is fair for Russian nationality, but I think it works for many other European nationals, at least!
The simplest immigration policy belongs to India: you simply must pay for 3-6 months visa! We did it in Russia, but we can do it in many other countries in Asia: just find a consulate! The most popular destinations to get Indian visas among our friends are Nepal and Sri-Lanka, but mostly they give it only for 3 months.
Be careful while choosing the destination for visa obtaining: we know that 6-months visa can be obtained in Kandy, Sri-Lanka. It will cost, depending on certain terms, from 40 to 122 USD accordingly to the official Indian visa processing authority in Sri-Lanka:
Thailand doesn’t require a visa for touristic purposes, but only for 30 days of stay, and, since May 2014, only twice: after the second border cross out of Thai by ground a tourist cannot enter without a touristic visa. Entering Thai by air you still can get another stamp on arrival for 30 days, but that won’t be cheap taking into account the flight cost!
Thailand touristic visa costs 30 USD for 30 days, and can be extended up to 60 days. I wish to travel more in Thai, but it seems no reason to make a visa if I can get same 60 days free of charge with just a trip to Kambodia 😉
Finally, Indonesia (meaning Bali) – that is something interesting! We got a visa-on-arrival (VOA), 30 days for 35 USD. In early July we extended it in Kuta for another 30 days.
The extension process is clear, and the authorities are very friendly! The process, yet, takes 5 days: first day  we came to fill the applications and leave it for an officer with our passports, copies of main page, return tickets from Bali and photos (one for each person, usual document-style photo). Second time we came to pay the fee – 355 000 IDR (27 USD) and for biometrical data collection (faces and fingerprints). The third day we were given the passports! These visits were not long – maybe we spend 4 hours in total, the only inconvenience is two first visits are to be undertaken before 11.00. What an early morning!
The consulate in Kuta is located on Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai, on the left side going from airport. They are really friendly and even have free cold water!
The next visa we plan to get is 6-months social visa: first for 2 months, and each month it will require a prolongation in same consulate. So it will cost a flight to and from Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia), two nights in a hotel while expecting the visas, and the fees: 45 USD for the first 2-months visa, and same 355 000 IDR (27 USD) each monthly prolongation. Plus, an additional gratitude to a Balinese person who will be our sponsor. Seems not so easy! The obtaining of this visa will be in separate post early August.
Wish me luck!

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