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Bali beaches: Sanur beach and snorkeling in Sanur

The beaches of Bali are maybe the most described matter from everything a tourist can find here, but I can’t escape writing about them – because the beaches here are beautiful!

Bali, Sanur. Kite surfers in the sunset. 

Sanur, located in eastern part of the island, is one of the most popular destinations for elder tourists and for families: the sandy beach and the warm sea, which is never deep (at least first 20 meters from the beach) are much comfortable and safe than the western side beaches (Kuta, Seminyak, Canggu). Everything is welcoming a tourist: lots of beach couches and umbrellas, massage ladies, warungs…
Yet touristic, Sanur still keeps its Balinese spirit: many jukungs, traditional boats of Bali, are taking most of the central public beach. 
But there are some unpleasant surprises. First comes from the sea: the low tide in Sanur is really low. Literally, you come to the beach – but where is sea?

These nice pavilions are mostly public, and during the high tide they are surrounded by water – although, I never see the water so high!

I don’t see any sea!

This was our first visit to Sanur: we spend a quarter of an hour walking the sea bottom on the really strong wind – no doubts why Sanur hosts the Kite Festival – and got back to Tuban, where the sea has more constant character! Another “nice” thing about Sanur are the tons of seaweeds, or, better say, seagrass. The plants are growing and dying just near the beach, so it never looks clean (although it is cleaner than many others).
And, oh, it was a challenge to get used to this seagrass, catching my feet in the water and smelling heavily on the beach. The growing grass, moreover, makes a usual swimming much more interesting, tickling your body and forcing you to find the paths into this forest! To be honest, I need a special kick to swim here 🙂

Sea grass before low tide. 

And there is one. Overall, Sanur is a fruitful place for water sport: many boats are waiting for tourists going snorkeling or diving.  Water scooters, paragliding, kite surfing – there are many ways to play with the calm sea. And we have our favourite game! We decided to check if there is possible to snorkel, while didn’t get too far from the beach.
So here we are: a mask, a camera, and some curiosity. Of course, no corals – no coral fishes, but there is still some life. Most popular habitant of these waters is this cake-like starfish, quite a big (up to 20 cm in diameter), and colored just as a cake should.

By touch, it also reminds a cake – a very old cake!

There are some corals, still, and some small fishes around. And water plants, of course – some of them are quite funny.
 The fishes of this coral are too shy – but how do they know then I make a photo?

And these three, seems, never saw a human before – so brave and curious they were!

And in the very end we found this guy. He is also not small, the needles are 15-20 cm. He rests not far from the beach, giving a shelter to the small fishes – they are shining in the needles just as his sad eyes!

Sad eyes asking to play with him 

To be honest, Sanur is not a snorkeling point – near the beach. But seems it is not so boring 🙂 Maybe one day we will become kite surfers – and there will be no place better!

A temple before the enter to the beach – let’s pray for the high tide!

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