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Fruits in Kuta: local market

One of the tricky facts about life in Kuta – where to buy fruits? It sounds odd, isn’t it? And it is so: in any city of India and Thailand (and even Nepal) all you need to do is just go out to the streets! When I got to Kuta first time, I was quite surprised by this: I found on the streets everything – terrible traffic, couple of rats, trash – but not any fruit shop. Of course, I knew nothing – and I choose a hotel just beside Legian. I wouldn’t advise this to anyone for the first time!
The center of Kuta is full of mini marts: Circle K, Alfamart, and many more. Apart of the fact they are expensive (not considerably expensive, if you wish), there are no or almost no fruits.
There are also big markets: Cocomart, Pepito, and many more. There are plenty of fruits! Local and imported, seasonal and more exotic than usual exotic fruits! But be careful with prices: these are prices for 100 gr. don’t forget to multiply!

Bali, Tuban. Pepito supermarket.

So, where do the long stayers buy fruits? On the local market! This market is located on Jalan Kendedes, and no-one will miss it – the whole street is one big market! You can buy here everything from Muslim clothes and food to Hello Kitty toys and home pets. The food part is hidden between the shops on the street, almost opposite to small bystreet Jalan Karang Semaja.

Bali, Tuban. Karang Semaja bystreet – as many of other small streets here, it has no pedestrian path.

Bali, Tuban market.

The market works from early morning: the last time I was there was about 2 pm, and they were still working. But early morning the choice is better and there is not so much smell!
Bali, Tuban market
Surprisingly, all the sellers I deal with know English pretty well! Another good thing about this market – you don’t need to bargain here! At least, I never saw any of local buyers did that. And seems for me the prices are not really different for local people and bule (foreigners).
Once I came there as usual (late, hot and absent-minded) and three selling ladies started to greet me “beautiful!”. OMG!
Sometimes I take my time to visit birds shop: the voices of these birds are awesome!
Bali, Tuban / Kuta. Birds sing down the road
Some more steps forward – and there will be a bike selling golden and other aquarium fishes just on the road.
Bali, Kuta / Tuban. Fishes in a bag!
Sometimes I think, what else would I find here, if I would be from here?

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